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Occupational Health Screening

Avail a comprehensive range of medical screenings, fitness assessments, and diagnostic services to assist individuals and companies in meeting the health regulation requirements of the UAE. 

Capital June 2023 639X408 Dr Andrew

Meet Dr. Andrew Jeremijenko, our Acting Medical Director at Capital Health Screening Centre and watch as he explains the necessity of good occupational health practices in the simplest terms.

What is Occupational Health Screening?

We provide Essential Occupational Health Services in Abu Dhabi

It includes medical tests for employment in Abu Dhabi which include pre-employment and post-employment screenings, bespoke workplace health programs and sickness absence management to name a few. Our services are offered to both individuals and corporations, across all industries and work sectors, depending on the need of the organization.

What Does the Occupational Health Screening Involve?

Occupational Health Screening includes blood tests and physical or fitness assessments related to the employee’s occupation. This screening may be necessary for employees working in the areas of transportation, food, chemicals and others. A full range of medical and fitness assessments such as Electrocardiogram (ECG), audiometry, spirometry and more are offered for new and existing employees.

Industries We Provide Occupational Health Screening for

Our Occupational Health Services

  • Pre-employment screening for safety and non-safety critical jobs 
  • Periodic health screening & for safety  and non-safety critical jobs
  • Travel Health Services  
  • Medical screening for embassy requirements
  • Medical screening for ADNOC/GCC/other oil and gas contractors
  • Medical screening UK oil and gas contractors
  • Needle stick injury management (HCW)
  • Medical screening for pre-university 
  • Disability assessment:
    ○  For people of determination
    ○  For retirement on medical grounds
    ○  For general incidence & work-related injury
  • Medical screening for change of job title/job transfer
  • Medical screening for healthcare license renewal
  • End-of-service assessment
  • Medical Pension fund 
  • Post 60-ty fitness to work (HCW)
  • Fitness reports: post-sickness absence management /injury/fitness to return to work
  • Medical assessment for special jobs: food handling, firefighting, etc.
  • Special health assessments based on management request, e.g.: Drug and Alcohol screening 
  • Health Surveillance 
  • Workplace wellness screening program
  • Sickness Absence Management
  • Workplace assessment 

How and where can I avail of these Occupational Health services?

Our conveniently located branch at Al Jazira sports club at Muroor Road in Abu Dhabi offers the full suite of Occupational Health screening services. Guests can book appointments with us through our regular channels: Toll-free number 800 727 336 (800 SCREEN), or email at info@capitalhealth.ae, or through this website, by clicking here.

What is Pre-Employment Screening?

Pre-employment screening is conducted before hiring an employee.  The screening is undertaken to ensure a job applicant has no preexisting  health conditions that may affect his or her performance on  the job, making it difficult or unsafe. Pre-employment screening may  also include residency visa screening. 

What is Post-Employment Screening?

Post-employment screening is carried out periodically by employers to ensure employees are able to continue to perform their jobs without risk of injury to themselves, customers and co-workers.

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