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Corporate Group Screening

At Capital Health Screening Centre, we are happy to enable visa medical screenings for large groups of employees in a streamlined and convenient flow at our branches or at the site of your choice through our Mobile Screening Units.  

What is Occupational Health Screening?

Prompt, Convenient, Reliable and High-Quality

Corporate Group Screening is typically medical screening services streamlined especially for large groups of employees from one company. At Capital Health Screening Centre, we can tailor our full option of screening services to suit corporate needs.
We work closely with clients’ Public Relations Officers to ensure a seamless experience for our corporate group guests. Our corporate services are renowned for their promptness, efficiency and convenience for groups of more than 20.
Additionally, we offer the option to set up a credit agreement wherein employers may pay in advance or be invoiced on a monthly basis for the Visa Medical Screening of their employees.

Who Can Avail Corporate Group Screening Services?

Corporate Group Screening is available for Visa Medical Screening and Occupational Health Screening and is recommended for groups of at least 20, and up to 200 employees. 

What does Corporate Group Screening involve?

Corporate Group Screening can be done for Visa Medical Screening as well as Occupational Health Screening.  
It includes the standard procedures for Visa Medical Screening, such as a physical assessment by a doctor, a blood test and a chest x-ray.
Occupational Health Screening includes medical and diagnostic assessments, related to the employee’s occupation, such as audiometry tests, spirometry, visual acuity and others as required by companies. Occupational Health Screening packages can be customized based on requirements. 

Are there any additional benefits?

Company PROs, HR officers or any nominated personnel from your company can enroll into our Customer Loyalty Program (CLP) and  enjoy exciting rewards for having your employees screened at our  branches. Each screening earns 5 CLP points and a collection of  these points can be redeemed for items from our CLP catalogue  featuring the latest electronics. 

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