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Ali Ibrahim Mohamed Alsaffar

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration-Accounting from the University of Dubai
Chief Executive Officer

Ali Ibrahim Mohamed Alsaffar is a seasoned leader with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration - Accounting from the University of Dubai. As the Chief Executive Officer, Ali draws from over 23 years of extensive experience in the financial realm, showcasing a profound understanding of diverse industries including Telecommunications, Investments, Industrial Free zones, and Media.

Ali's professional journey boasts a rich tapestry of contributions across renowned organizations, including impactful roles at entities such as Etisalat, TECOM Investments, SENAAT, and TWOFOUR54. Notably, at TWOFOUR54, Ali's pivotal position as Head of Business Finance was instrumental in managing major international film productions within the region, showcasing his adeptness in navigating complex and high-profile projects.

In April 2019, Ali joined the management team of Capital Health Screening Centre (CHSC) as the Head of Finance. His tenure saw rapid growth, marked by assuming additional responsibilities as the Director of Operations and an interim stint as Acting Executive Director. Notably, his strategic leadership during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic bolstered CHSC's standing and future prospects.

Ali’s tenure as CEO at CHSC has been marked by significant strategic achievements, including pioneering the commencement of ADNOC's Occupational Medical Clinic in January 2023 under a 10-year contract. This groundbreaking initiative involves overseeing periodic Occupational Medical and Residency Visa Medical screenings for all ADNOC employees and their families.

Moreover, Ali spearheaded the expansion of CHSC's fleet of Mobile Clinics, revolutionizing convenience by offering on-site visa medical screenings to large groups of employees in Abu Dhabi-based companies. His commitment to operational excellence resulted in tangible improvements, notably reducing guest waiting times and enhancing operational efficiencies across CHSC branches and Mobile Clinics.

Ali Ibrahim Mohamed Alsaffar's visionary leadership and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in propelling CHSC towards unparalleled growth and success, establishing him as a driving force in the realm of healthcare management.